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Application of M-DRIVER 550 series in Industry Washing Machine


Recently, the frequency inverter is widely used in the industry of washing machines, especially in water washing equipment, which has brought a new technical revolution. Driven by the motor of the industrial washing machine, the inner tube rotates in forward and reverse direction by belt speed change, so that water and clothing rotate asynchronously to be rubbed together, to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It develops from the earliest unadjustable semi-automatic washing machine into the automatic machine with four-step speed, which configured with two double-speed motors, and finally into a modern new-type washing machine with multi-step speed, which just needs one motor to carry out variable frequency control.

2. Process Requirements

Industry Washing machines require the frequency inverter could provide high torque output, multi-steps speed mode, wide input voltage range, automatic slip compensation, and convenient communication mode. On the one hand, AC driver could adapt to various hotel environments of high temperature and high humidity. On the other hand, it must meet Industry Washing machine technological requirements and various clients’ requirements.

Speed given mode:

(1) By multi-steps speed mode. Set the operation speed of each step in the inverter directly;

(2) By PC of a washing machine. Set the operation speed of each step by communication mode.

The operation speed of each step:

Washing: 30rpm, uniform distribution: 60rpm, medium speed dehydration: 400rpm, high-speed dehydration: 700~800rpm.

3. Solution of M550 series Products

It adopts PLC logical sequential control and combines the multi-step speed function of M550 so that washing machine could adjust the speed of each period according to different clothing.  M550 slip speed control could effectively solve the excessive impact of traditional washing machines, and achieve energy saving to improve the service life of washing machines. The self-defined V/F curve makes the washing machine run smoothly, and the reasonable hardware design makes VFD adapt to washing environment of high temperature and high humidity. 

4. Conclusion

The industry washing machine with M550 series inverter could achieve steady and reliable operation, and gain high economic benefits for customers. And M550 series overall solution is highly praised by customers through the actual production test. The specific advantages are as below:

(1) Stable start-up, lower current and lower noise, to improve the service life of washing machine;

(2) Obvious energy-saving effect and stable adjustment at real-time;

(3) Automatic multi-step speed adjustment to improve the washing effect;

(4) Could adapt to the environment of high temperature and high humidity.