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Application of 550 series AC drive in Constant pressure water supply

The control system is composed of a frequency converter and controller to adjust the output flow of water pump and replace the water tower, the water tank, and the air pressure tank to realize constant pressure water supply.

Working principle:
According to user requirements, set the feed water pressure value first, then the power, pressure sensor monitoring network, and converted to electrical signals sent to the programmable controller or microcomputer controller, through the analysis and processing, would transmit the signals to frequency converter to control the operation of the pump, when water consumption increases, the output voltage and frequency increases, the pump RPM increases, increase water yield, water, small water pump to reduce, reduce the water yield, maintain set pressure value, make the pipe network pressure, the pump running, the more one by one machine soft start, from variable frequency to work frequency to pressure flow met, realize the pump cycle control, when small flow running at night, It can be maintained by the variable frequency pump, and the variable frequency feed pump can stop to maintain the pressure.

Reasons for energy saving:
Using frequency conversion equipment to achieve constant pressure water supply, compared with adjusting valve to achieve constant pressure water supply, the energy-saving effect is very significant (can be calculated according to the specific situation).
1, starting balance, starting current can be limited within the rated current, so as to avoid the impact on the power grid when starting;
2. As the average speed of the pump is reduced, the service life of the pump and valve can be extended;
3. It can eliminate the water hammer effect during starting and stopping (water hammer effect: during direct starting and stopping, the liquid kinetic energy increases sharply, resulting in a great impact on the pipe network and great destructive power).

Operating requirements:
(1) when the system starts to supply water, frequency conversion operation;
(2) according to the needs of constant pressure, the three pumps adopt the principle of "first on, first off" to access and exit;
(3) in the case of small water consumption, if the continuous running time of one pump exceeds 3 hours, it shall switch to the next pump, that is, the system has "reverse pump function" to avoid the long working time of one pump;
(4) there is a delay when the three pumps start, so as to reduce the impact of excessive current on other electrical equipment;
(5) to have a perfect alarm function;
(6) the operation of the motor shall have manual and automatic control functions.

1, the use of the programmable controller, flexible program, high accuracy, strong reliability, many functions, fast reflection speed.
2, are equipped with pressure stabilizing pump or pressure stabilizing tank pressure stabilizing when the water consumption is small to a certain value, the main pump can stop operation, reduce the pump motor mechanical wear and save energy.
3. The water pump is soft-started, which extends the service life of the equipment and eliminates the impact of starting current on the power grid.
4, according to the change in water consumption, water pump circulation frequency conversion operation, start first stop, so that the water pump balance work, when the operation of one pump for six hours or 24 hours, automatically switches to another.
5, the biggest characteristic is the double constant pressure control, life fire can be public a set of equipment, for the user to save investment, and one machine dual-use, greatly improve the use efficiency.
6. Compact structure, small footprint, quick installation, low investment, stable operation and no pollution.

Variable frequency constant pressure water supply, with high efficiency, energy-saving, stable pressure, reliable operation, simple operation, less occupation, low noise, no pollution, low investment, high efficiency. Widely used in:
1. Centralized domestic water supply system for residential areas, residential buildings and villages.
2. Circulating pump and cooling water supply system of various types of central air-conditioning.
3. Domestic water supply system for high-rise buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc.
4. Comprehensive water supply system for the market, office building and business building.
5. Hot water supply, hot water heating system and fire water supply system of high-rise buildings.
6. Production, domestic water supply and constant pressure flow water supply process of industrial and mining enterprises.
7. Various waterworks and modern agricultural irrigation.
8. Control system of oil supply at constant pressure, gas supply at constant pressure, air supply at constant pressure and other constant pressure flow.