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M-driver Participated in the vietnam international electric Power equipment and technology exhibition in 2019

  • 2019/08/01

Vietnam international electric power equipment and technology is only get government support of the electric power industry with many years of professional exhibition, held the most economically developed city in Vietnam - ho chi minh city, held every year, has successfully held 11 sessions,It has attracted many well-konw companies from China, Korea, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries and regions of many famous enterprises.

At the exhibition ,M-driver mainly dispalyed M550 general Frequency Inverter,M510 Constant Pressure Water Supply, photovoltaic water pumping inverter and other advantages.

With the end of the 12th Vietnam (ho chi minh) international power equipment and technology exhibition in 2019, M-driver will take this opportunity to continue to deepen the cooperation with Vietnamese customers and to expand the product coverage and industry user groups, the future is full of hope, let us wait and see!