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How to choose a right pump for your project´╝č

  • 2019/10/16

A pump is a mechanical device that transports media by transforming the energy supplied by a motor into hydraulic energy. While pumps are found everywhere from swimming pools to chemical vats to fuel depots, each application can have its unique challenges.

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What is a mechanical torque load types?

  • 2019/09/21

The correct selection of the AC drive (VFD) is critical for the normal operation of the mechanical equipment electrical control system. To choose the best suitable AC drive, we need to know the specified machinery type, the load torque characteristics, speed adjusting range...

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Frequency Inverter (VFD) Selection Guide

  • 2018/11/29

This article is about the basic guide of how to select a Frequency Inverter. AC drives are also known by various other names such as adjustable speed drives, adjustable frequency drives, variable frequency drives, variable speed drives, frequency converters, frequency inverters.

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What is an AC drive?

  • 2018/10/25

A frequency inverter changes output voltage frequency and magnitude to vary the speed, power, and torque of a connected induction motor to meet load conditions.

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M-driver Participated in the vietnam international electric Power equipment and technology exhibition in 2019

  • 2019/08/01

Vietnam international electric power equipment and technology is only get government support of the electric power industry with many years of professional exhibition, held the most economically developed city in Vietnam - ho chi minh city....

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